evil's poor little fish
a report by badpoodle

lack of sequitur notwithstanding, evil felt a fish would assuage her grief over smurf's death. i understand that mentally, a fish and a mastiff are equals, but commonality beyond that escapes me (and let's not forget that i'm a poodle, universally acknowledged as the most intelligent of enhoffers). with her typical opportunistic lack of morals, she whined to the truly bereaved hairy and conned him into buying her a betta fish. one can only assume said fish was a complete empath in that he chose death over life with evil and soon personified his name (flush).

never one to let death stand in the way of her satisfaction, evil returned to the pet store to select another innocent for slaughter. this time, musing that perhaps poor flush went sewerwards in response to leaving the large aquarium at the pet store for the confines of the niggardly 1 gallon tank to which she downsized him, evil selected her next victim from a more typical betta tank, i.e. a plexi cube not much bigger than the fish. apparently the piscine brain was in accordance with evil's, and the little fucker has already outlived his 4 day warrantee period and is swimming into week 2.

in the hope that optimistic christening would heighten new betta's karma, evil named this apedal "fish-who-is-not-dead." i prefer to call him fish-who-is-not-dead-yet.

picture 1 comes the closest to showing notdead's true colors, photography in this house being limited by a 6 year old digicam (you know things are bad when even photoshop doesn't help). the blue on his body actually extends to his head; we think the red from his long luxurious fins over-reflected.

the next shot captures feeding frenzy. evil shows undue joy over the betta's primal response to food and interprets this as the fish liking her. she's wrong, of course.

in photos 3-5, we see notdead swimming through the bubbles from his aerator. evil says fishie regards her as the goddess of bubbles, the source of his tankly delights. again, wrong.

evil tried to flashlessly photograph fish-who-is-not-dead with picture 6 the result. way to go evil.

the last picture was taken after the fish spent a few days with darkdaddy.

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